Some of my happy clients
My little girl had very bad constipation at 6 weeks old, I reached out to Barbara and she had been such a great help! We done a healing once a week. Taylor is 10 weeks tomorrow and she’s like a new baby she’s very relaxed and happy!
I’ve had low energy levels and wasn’t able to sleep and with just 2 sessions done I’m feeling back to normal.
I have an eight year old son who suffered from migraines, after 3 sessions of healing he received from Barbara they went. its really empowering as a mother to no that I can help my child this way.
Shop owner
I tried Distance Healing with Barbara because I suffered from stomach issues for a long time. Already after the first session my stomach pain improved. I had another two sessions and so far, my stomach problems seem to be gone for good.
This vertigo in the mornings was at me again and I really didn’t know what to do anymore. I was desperate as I’m living on my own but the vertigo made it difficult. Then I got recommended to Barbara and she gave me a couple of Distance Healings. The vertigo was gone already after one session and now, a half year later, I’m still fine.
I was having a lot of pain in my legs due nature of my job but after 3 therapies I have felt much better. I actually could say that its gone.
Health care worker
Wonderful healing experience. Very relaxing and beneficial. Thank you.
Business manager
From these healings I noticed I slept better and I was more energised during the day. I also had the on-set of a cold which disappeared after one treatment. I would definitely recommend Distance Healing from Barbara for anyone looking for a non-invasive treatment to help with relaxation.
Nutritional chemist
I received Distant Healing from Barbara and each session brought huge amounts of healing for me both mentally and physically. She is an extremely knowledgeable healer with experiences in many different practices which make her ideal to work with clients with any type of issues.
The Distance Healing with Barbara was a beautiful experience. During the sessions I felt very connected to the planet and also, I had some short moments of past experiences where I was under pressure. All dissolved quickly and I felt more relaxed and in tune with myself afterwards.
IT professional
After the Distance Healing I felt so relaxed and yet full of energy at the same time. During the session I saw lots of rainbow colours floating down on me. In the following days my daily life felt so much lighter. This kept on going for weeks. I’m so grateful to meet this beautiful healing and Barbara.
Sales Assistant
I loved how relaxed I became during the Distance Healing. Thanks Barbara
I was feeling a bit stressed and over worked recently and decided to give distance healing a go with Green Isle Healing. After the 1st session, I felt completely refreshed and in a much better place. After 3 sessions, it was like a reset button was pressed, I was energised and my stress had disappeared. With Barbara's advice, I am now able to maintain stress levels and feel energised every day. I'd highly recommend Green Isle Healing.
Web designer
Barbara is an amazing person, distance healing was brilliant. It made a huge difference to me and my mam. Highly recommended.
I feel so much better after having a treatment from Barbara. I was nervous at first but Barbara made me feel at ease, she was warming and welcoming. I had built up so much stress from everything going on in my life, but after two sessions my body, mind, spirit, and emotions felt clearer and I felt connected and focused.
Computer program developer