Feel connected
Welcome to Barbara’s Distance Healing
at Green Isle Healing
After the distance healing, I felt so relaxed and yet full of energy at the same time” – Andrea, Sales Assistant

Green Isle of Ireland captured from International Space Station

The Comfort of
Distance Healing

Wherever you are, simply lie down and relax, and enjoy the benefit of Barbara’s healing in the privacy of your own space. Experience deep relaxation and peaceful calmness. Observe healing unfold in the most natural way and welcome harmony and balance into your life.
For Barbara, only presence and connection to the beautiful Irish Countryside is needed to facilitate the healing. Her only intention is your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of everyone else around you.

DISTANCE HEALING  FOR People of all ages
Family with a small yellow dog resting on a pier and looking at lake and foggy mountains
baby and bear - Barbara Weissenmayer - Distance Healing

Babies and Children
Resolving problems with the little Ones, such as constipation and reflux in babies, tantrums and hyperactivity in toddlers and anxiety and nervousness in children.

Keeping connected
Keeping well by rebalancing your system and harmonising your energies. Gently releasing deeply hold tensions.

Resolving stress
Coping with stress-related situations like finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep, struggling with anxiety, running on low energy, feeling out-of-focus or all tided up.

baby and bear - Barbara Weissenmayer - Distance Healing

Physical discomfort
Common complaints as digestive issues, headaches, migraines and vertigo, stiffness and aching, physical and emotional trauma hold in the body.