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Distance Healing for people of all ages

The Beauty of Distance Healing

Simply lie down and relax, wherever you are, and enjoy the benefit of Barbara’s healing in the privacy of your own space. Experience deep relaxation and feel a peaceful calmness.  Let healing unfold in the most natural way and rebalance with ease. 

Distance Healing

A deeply relaxing healing for


Babies often carry a lot of physical trauma around their birth. That can show up as reflux, constipation, difficulties to settle or crying a lot. Distance healing can assist the baby to relax discharge hold tensions.

Toddlers and Children

Many children are hyperactive, hypersensitive  or overly anxious in these times. Distance Healing can help the little One to release nervous energy and to settle into more balance.


Adults often suffer from stress-related conditions like headaches and migraines, back pain, digestive problems and sleeping issues. Distance Healing can facilitate a deep state of relaxation to promote nervous discharge in a natural way.

Some of my happy clients

My little girl had very bad constipation at 6 weeks old, I reached out to Barbara and she had been such a great help! We done a healing once a week. Taylor is 10 weeks tomorrow and she’s like a new baby she’s very relaxed and happy!
I’ve had low energy levels and wasn’t able to sleep and with just some sessions done I’m feeling back to normal.
I have an eight year old son who suffered from migraines, after 3 sessions of healing he received from Barbara they went. its really empowering as a mother to no that I can help my child this way.
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